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Custom Area Rugs

Custom rugs can be a beautiful aspect of your home's interior design. Area rugs provide a focal point in a room and help to tie everything together while simultaneously providing some cushy comfort. Custom rugs provide warmth, color, and comfort. They're easy to clean and change out with new ones for all kinds of redecorating projects.

At Danville Interior Design Gallery, we work with you to select the best colors and styles of custom rugs that will fit perfectly in your home. When you schedule an interior design consultation with one of our team members, we'll identify the areas in your home that you want to target and help you make your unique vision a reality. We pride ourselves on our excellent custom service and can’t wait to help you make your home beautiful so you can enjoy every second you spend in it.

Custom Rug Selection at Danville Interior Design Gallery

At Danville Interior Design Gallery, we carry an astounding assortment of custom rugs from top brands suited for every room in your home, including even your incredible outdoor spaces. Whether you're looking for a selection of area rugs, runner rugs, indoor/outdoor rugs, or throw rugs, we can help you find something that matches your aesthetic.

We carry custom rugs from:

  • Jaipur Living
  • Jaunty
  • Loloi
  • Surya
  • Company C
  • Feizy

And more!

We know the right rug is about more than the look of it; it's about the feel, how it looks in your home, and how it brings everything together. At Danville Interior Design Gallery, we're passionate about helping you find what you need to create your vision for your home.

Custom Rugs Near Danville, California

Area Rugs

The most common rug style, area rugs, infuse your home with colors and patterns. They add texture, colors, patterns, and warmth to any space. In a room with an open floor plan, area rugs can help define a space and make a room truly unique and supremely comfortable. Without a rug to tie everything together, furniture can look like it's floating on hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring instead of being a part of a cohesive room design. A large area rug can create an intimate and friendly space, pulling together disparate elements into a comfortable design much greater than the sum of its parts.

In carpeted rooms, lay area rugs in high-traffic areas, like an entryway, where they can protect the carpet and prevent it from getting dirty. This is especially useful since they are easier to clean and move around than carpets.

Home living room with a white and brown area rug near Danville, CA
  • In a bedroom, they're warm and cozy. Nobody likes stepping out of bed onto a cold, hard floor early in the morning!
  • If you have older pets, area rugs can provide a comfortable place for them to settle down.
  • If you have young kids, they can make it easier to pick up spills.
  • They can add interest and pull in styles and colors from other rooms into any room for a connected design throughout your entire home.

Custom area rugs are available in hundreds of shapes, colors, styles, patterns, and textures. At Danville Interior Design Gallery, we'll gladly help you find the best options for your home.

Dark brown and red runner rug laid down a hallway near Danville, CA

Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are long and narrow and are often placed in hallways. They're a fantastic way to transition seamlessly from one part of your home into the next. You can also use them in the hallway or entryways to protect the flooring beneath it while providing a splash of color and charm.

Runner rugs also go well in kitchens. They add some extra excitement and can prevent slips and falls since they add traction on flooring that could otherwise be slippery. They're easy to wash, too, which is especially nice for when they catch the occasional spill.

Runner rugs are rectangular and much longer than they are wide. For the best aesthetic, there should be space between the edge of your runner and the wall. When you take the measurements for the hallway or entryway, consider that the rug should sit about 4-6 inches away from the wall.


Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/Outdoor rugs can be outside all year long, but you can also bring them indoors. They're water-resistant, spill-resistant, and made of materials that won't slide across the ground easily. This makes them safer for not only outdoor areas like patios but kitchens and bathrooms, too. Indoor/outdoor rugs can add color, patterns, or textures to otherwise plain outdoor spaces. You can also use them to create separate dining areas and living areas on a patio, demarcating the areas with specifically placed rugs.

Black and white chevron laid out on an outdoor patio near Danville, CA
Home office decorated with a blue and white patterned throw rug near Danville, CA

Throw Rugs

Smaller than most area rugs, throw rugs are easy to pick up and move around. They're more decorative than area rugs and add visual interest, exciting patterns, textures, and style. Also called accent rugs, they are a warming and comforting addition to any room. You can also pull in colors from other rooms to create whole-home cohesion in your interior design.

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