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Fine Art

Art is all around us, no matter where we go, so why not feature it in our homes? We like to think of artwork as the jewelry of your interior. Furniture and paint are the foundation; fine art brings the look together and makes your home shine. Hanging art is easy to replace and move around, so you're never stuck with something you don't love. Danville Interior Design Gallery is proud to offer a wide range of beautiful artwork from well-renowned brands.

Our Fine Art Brands

Leftbank Art

Established. Collaborative. On-trend. Leftbank Art has been creating made-to-order works in Southern California since 1971. Their in-house artists craft abstract, coastal, still life, landscapes, and many other themed works. Leftbank Art also collaborates with several artists from throughout the United States.

Leftbank Art titled Mesmorize II near Danville, CA
Uttermost Art Dazzling Gold floral portrait near Danville, CA


An international art dealer with facilities in America and Asia and four permanent showrooms in the United States, Uttermost has been family-owned since 1975. Uttermost offers hand-painted works, oil reproductions, framed prints, and more.

Shadow Catchers

For over 30 years, Shadow Catchers has partnered with the most prestigious home furnishing stores and interior designers to offer exquisite artwork. Every member of the Shadow Catchers team is passionate about providing extraordinary designs and exceptional service.

Shadow Catchers Art titled May Adventures near Danville, CA
Soicher-Marin artwork titled Petit Tableau near Danville, CA

Soicher Marin

Since 1959, Soicher Marin has sourced art from around the globe, believing that authenticity is paramount and that paintings should dazzle the eye and nourish the soul. Soicher Marin offers a carefully curated collection of prints, watercolors, oil paintings, and mixed media works.

Benefits of Art at Home

Wall art is not only aesthetically appealing, but it also offers benefits to your health. Looking at a piece of art that you find beautiful activates the pleasure receptors in your brain, which can improve your mood and even reduce physical pain. Fine art is a great conversation starter that can lead to an intriguing exchange of ideas. Scientific studies also show that viewing artwork can increase intelligence, critical thinking, and decision-making skills, making fine art a fantastic addition to your home.

Choosing Artwork

There are many different hanging art styles; how do you choose the perfect pieces for your home?

  • Don't forget to be practical: Yes, art is meant to be exciting and fun, but when choosing home decor, you'll need to consider practicality, including the size of the artwork and your budget.
  • Start with art: If you're designing a room from scratch, try to find a piece of art that inspires you to use it as the focal point of a space.
  • Always research online, but shop in person: You can get an idea of what you want by browsing virtual showrooms, but colors and proportions are not always accurate when you view them on your computer, so make sure to try and view art in person before buying.
  • Remember that a great piece of art will affect the room's mood, so choose accordingly: Abstract works with many energetic colors, like red and yellow, will make a room more visually stimulating than a landscape with softer hues and natural shapes.

Where to Hang Your Wall Art

You've found artwork you love and are ready to adorn your walls. The question is – which walls? A piece of art is always welcome above a sofa, and horizontal landscapes look the best as they complement the sofa's proportions. The space above a fireplace mantel is another fantastic spot for fine art. We suggest using a portrait above a mantel because most fireplaces have more height than width. You can also hang art at the top of a staircase or the end of a hallway for an unexpected artistic experience.

Other Artwork Essentials

  1. How high should you hang your wall art?: The standard is to hang artwork at eye level, which is usually about five feet from the center of the piece to the floor. Don't let that stop you from hanging yours higher or lower, depending on what you think looks the best. It's your house, after all.
  2. Where should art hang in relation to a piece of furniture?: Forget the last rule if you hang art above a sofa or other furniture. Instead, you'll want the artwork to hang between four and six inches above the furnishing. They'll compete for attention if the painting and furniture are too close. If they're too far apart, they'll look like separate, disjointed elements in a room.

Fine Art Near Danville, California

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