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Luxurious Upholstery Fabrics

Upholstery is the soft coverings on chairs, couches, mattresses, loveseats, ottomans, and stools. It includes all of the fabric, leather, padding, coils, springs, and cushioning on any piece of furniture. You can get it fixed when you have ripped or torn fabric, outdated fabric, broken coils, or padding popping out of your favorite armchair. By choosing to go through the custom upholstery process, you are able to choose the aspects of your furniture that are most important to you, from the colors of the fabric to the softness of the padding. Reupholstering provides furniture you thought was useless, outdated, or headed to the curb a new life, bringing fresh vibrancy and style to your home.

For upholstery services near Danville, CA, Danville Interior Design Gallery has friendly and dedicated interior designers who love helping you bring your style and design dreams to life. We carry designer fabrics from multiple product lines so you can find the perfect colors, prints, and fabrics for your home décor. Our interior designers can even help you arrange your things to make your home look it's absolute best! We love happy customers and will work with you until your home design has been fully realized.

Gorgeous leather chair in front of a dark blue wall

Upholstery Fabrics at Danville Interior Design Gallery

Update your interior design with us here at Danville Interior Design Gallery, where we offer selections from some of the top fabric designers in the world. This provides a wide range of beautiful, luxury fabrics for your upholstery project. Your options include:

  • Kravet Luxury Upholstery Fabrics offers velvet, leather, suede, linen, and sheer fabrics in thousands of colors and patterns, including plaids, botanicals, and geometric shapes.
Person cutting fabric with shears on a chair being reupholstered
  • Fabricut, which offers indoor and outdoor fabrics in hundreds of colors and leather in seven different textures.
  • Carole Fabrics, which offers soft fabrics for window treatments, draperies, pillows, and simple accessories, creates thousands of new patterned and solid fabrics each year to keep up with current trends and styles.
  • Greenhouse offers durable indoor and outdoor fabrics for upholstery and window treatments. The fabrics incorporate dozens of themes and fabric types, including faux fur, vinyl, and silk, in thousands of colors and patterns.
  • Stout includes exclusive and non-exclusive fabrics and patterns created by designers, including Victoria Larson, Mally Skok, and Cath Kidston, to meet all your custom design needs.
  • RM Coco carries everything from lux velvets to eco-friendly and clearance fabrics so that you can meet your style needs with beautiful designs, no matter your budget.

How Can You Use Upholstery?

Upholstery transforms furniture from old or outdated to new and fresh without having to spend money on new furniture. Repairing fabric, broken springs, and bulky padding can save a piece you love. Replace or restore upholstery on seating, including stools to loveseats, benches, futons, recliners, and desk chairs.

If you have an item that’s not currently upholstered, you can change that and improve the design and style. Think hope chests, headboards, footboards, beds, window seats, and outdoor furniture. You can change the fabric on your curtains and draperies or create a fabric wall.

Upholstery services near Danville, CA, include:

  • Repairing rips and tears from years of wear and tear.
  • Completely replacing fabric for a whole new look.
  • Modernizing antique furniture without destroying it.
  • Adding texture or pattern to a room.
  • Changing padding to make it thicker or thinner for comfort’s sake.
  • Replacing broken springs.
  • Adding padding to uncomfortable seating.
  • Creating custom furniture.
  • Re-upholstering it before gifting it to friends or family so it doesn’t look secondhand.
  • Restoring springs to provide proper support.
  • Replacing cracked leather seating in an RV or camper.
  • Improving interior décor with wall hangings and draperies.
  • Selecting custom fabrics for throw pillows and bedspreads.
  • Turning your ottoman into a fashionable accent with the stunning fabric
Teal wooden chair laying on the floor with fabric next to it

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Your furniture’s upholstery can use some updates – and if it doesn’t now, it will in the future. Transform your home with brilliant colors, designs, and fabrics that add texture, interest, and style. Instead of dragging that old couch with the fading floral fabric and broken springs you got from your grandmother to the curb, save it and turn it into something truly special. With new material, new springs, and new padding, it will become a completely new piece of furniture – and one that is entirely yours!

Located at 300 Sycamore Valley Rd W in Danville, CA, Danville Interior Design Gallery serves Alamo, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Concord, San Ramon, Pleasanton, California, and the surrounding areas. Email or call us today at (925) 838-8040. Let us marry your design dreams with our expertise for an experience you’ll never forget and a home you’ll love to be in!