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Paint & Color Consultations

Choosing paint colors for your home may seem easy until you are drowning in a sea of swatches at the store. Then there’s the hurdle of finding shades that go well together. Your trusty color wheel may not be as handy when discovering the many popular color schemes. How do you make it all work? With a paint and color consultation from Danville Interior Design Gallery, our friendly experts can help you choose the perfect shades, hues, and tints for every wall in your home.

Do You Need a Paint & Color Consultation?

Most people can benefit from a paint color consultation. Whether you need a little help choosing paint colors or have no idea where to begin, a color consultant can save the day. A professional color consultant can save you time, money, and stress. There are only 24 hours a day, so outsourcing the chore of choosing paint colors to professionals frees you up to take care of other tasks. Decision fatigue is accurate, and you don’t want to settle for colors you don’t love simply because you’re tired of looking at swatches. You’ll also save yourself money by not going with second-rate hues that you’ll have to change once you have the energy to start the process again.

Person pointing at a selection of color swatches near Danville, CA

What Sets Color Consultants Apart

Everyone consults their friends and family when making decisions. You rely on your loved ones for opinions on everything from clothes to cars and restaurants, so it’s only natural to get their thoughts on what colors you should paint your home. The difference between your best friend and a professional paint color consultant is that we have interior design expertise that the average person does not. When determining the palette best suits your home, we will consider the whole environment, including finishes, lighting, and fabrics. We have experience working with every aesthetic and personal preference and understand the nitty-gritty of color psychology.

Preparing for Your Paint Consultation

Since it’s your home, we want you to actively participate in the decision-making process. We recommend doing a little prep work ahead so we have a better idea of what your goals are:

  • If any aspects of your home will be changing soon, like flooring or cabinets, we’d love to see a sample of the upcoming material.
  • Think about anything in your home that you’d like to feature. Do you have a favorite work of art or an exotic area rug? Knowing what you want to draw attention to will help us create your custom palette.
  • Keep a list of colors you’ve considered, including ones you dislike. You may be surprised at how your opinion of color changes when you see it as part of an overall scheme.
  • Look for pictures of rooms with the “mood” you’re looking for. Blue is calming, and red is exciting, but there’s much more to an overall aesthetic than a single color, and a visual aid will be handy.

Things to Know Before Your Color Consultation Service

  • The “perfect” color does not exist. After we work with you to eliminate colors that won’t work in the space, the three or four colors we suggest will all look great, depending on your preference. You may not always agree with our suggestions, and that’s ok; interior designers are trained to find many ways of looking at the same thing, so we can always help you achieve your desired results.
  • Trends have an expiration date. All trends come to an end, and that includes interior design styles. Color trends usually last about a decade before the style du jour changes. This means you have three options when choosing your paint colors - you can plan to repaint in the next few years, you can choose to stick to your guns (and outdated interior), or you can select neutral base colors that are never out of fashion favor. If you choose the third option, remember that you can accent your home with more popular, vibrant hues.
  • The floors, countertops, and backsplash all have a say in the colors that will look the best in your home. The way we see color is affected by the shades surrounding it. You can try to ignore the undertones of your countertop, but they’ll still be there, waiting to impact how your freshly painted cabinets look.

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